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Best Blockchain Training Institute in Bangalore

Get the best training in Blockchain technology in Bangalore from the industry experts at Ashwin Institute (Ai). We will ensure that every student enrolled in the institute gets the best training and learns in an effective manner through the latest course content.

Blockchain technology has gained prominance from the time it was launched in the form of Bitcoin in the year 2009 and it has been growing ever since. There is an increasing number of opportunities in the field of blockchain technology and learning this would boost your career.

There are many number of institutions that offer Blockchain courses in Bangalore and you may find it a bit difficult to chose the right training institution. But if you know what your requirements and priorities are, you will be able to narrow it down to the best training institute in Bangalore.

You can learn about our course here – but please continue reading and learn more before selecting the right institute for you. Ashwin Institute provides the best training in Blockchain at Jayanagar. It provides training for entry level students to professionals, in various domains, using real time projects.

At Ashwin Institute of Blockchain Training, the course material is designed and customised for each candidate based on their experience and requirements. It offers customised course material for different kinds of industries like IT, Banking, CA, Finance and many more. The course is taught by Mr. Ashwin Kumar C, who is the Head of Research & Development for Blockchain Technology at RADEL Corp., Bengaluru. He is one of the best consultants in the industry and is actively consulting with many foreign crypto-currency exchanges. You can talk to the expert yourself and clarify all your doubts and questions before joining the course and making the right choice.

Ashwin Institute offers classroom training courses instead of online ones. You will be able to learn better in a classroom training with the custom course content made for you and live interaction with the expert. You can also ask industry related questions directly and get your doubts cleared.

Do enrol at the earliest. We hope to see you soon at our institute. 

Ashwin Kumar C
Head of Research & Development

Mr. Ashwin Kumar C is our lead trainer. He is a web consultant at RADEL Corp., Bengaluru, and is actively involved in cryptocurrency exchange development, Monero API, wallets development. He is the Head of Research and Development at RADEL Corp for Cryptocurrency Exchanges for clients all over the world. He deals with clients in various areas of web technology. His passion is experimenting with research based projects and developing innovative solutions for major requirements in technical areas.

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