How can Blockchain be helpful during an earthquake ?

An earthquake is one of the frequently hitting natural disasters in the world. There are many countries where earthquake are so frequent that they have adopted their physical infrastructure to withstand the calamity. But what about the digital infrastructure, servers and other essential data centres? Even though a country has planned for disaster and recovery, one has to acknowledge the fact that these infrastructures are prone to get damaged.

The question that remains is not about the disasters that are caused but the recovery from these incidents. Most importantly, the speed at which one can recover from the disasters. Amongst all the infrastructure that is affected, digital information and server backup will affect many businesses and essential services that support vital operations of the nation. For example, database of emergency services, health/medical records, financial systems records, etc.

But, when hit at any point of time, is there a way to secure data from these disasters and get the system back online at the earliest?

Yes! There is!

Blockchain can help maintain data integrity and secure vital information services with the help of distributed ledgers. The encryption and hashing methods enables tamper proof systems to be integrated for critical data while the distributed ledgers maintain an identical copy of the ledger at multiple servers simultaneously. There are many more advantages of implementing blockchain for disaster recovery. Whether it is a financial system, or government institution, or any sector who relies on data, blockchain can be very helpful.

There are many companies who have started the implementation and development of blockchain technologies and software at the moment and this is just a beginning of new age data security. Processes will become much simpler and highly efficient. Learning blockchain technologies has become a necessity to stay ahead of competition and be the first to win the race of technology. Learning blockchain technologies now will be helpful for companies and professionals to build a better and future proof application. The requirement for Blockchain Consultants in various fields like finance, IT, banking, government etc., is increasing every day.

So who can learn and implement these blockchain applications and technology?

Literally anyone can learn blockchain concepts and applications. Professionals in any field can learn and implement the technology. There is no limitation of data application using blockchain.

Who can one learn blockchain from?

Learning blockchain from experts who have worked in the development of blockchain applications is the right way. Consultants, Research and Development companies who have worked on exchanges and applications are the best resources to learn the technology from. Collaborative efforts with professionals in R&D institutions can be made to implement blockchain and beat to the finish at an organisational level.

At Ashwin Institute (Ai), the blockchain technologies are taught by the Head of Research & Development for Blockchain technologies at RADEL Corp, Mr. Ashwin Kumar C. With experience in implementing Blockchain technologies across various domains, consulting for many cryptocurrency exchanges, you can be assured that no matter which field you are from, you can get the answers for all your questions and the right training for implementation of Blockchain in your industry sector.

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