Guido van Rossum released his Python scripting language back in 1991 to the public. Python stood out with its exception handling, classes with inheritance, functions and some core datatypes. It currently serves its purpose in a wide range of technical applications.Image processing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), weather forecast, Machine Learning (ML), self-driving automobiles, Internet of Things (IoT) and a small fraction of web servers utilize python simply due to its versatility and sheer effectiveness. With a large number of developers pouring into python development, the language has gained a lot of traction since its inception back in the 20th century. A huge reason for python’s popularity has been in its simplicity in code. There are no End of line specifier or curly braces enclosing chunks of code. All this has resulted in a large number of developers adopting it followed by its easier learning curve.

A ‘Hello World’ printing program in python just takes 1 line of code as compared to 3 or 4 in Java.


public class Hello


 public static void main(String[] args)


 System.out.println(“Hello World”);




print(“Hello World”)

Some key advantages of python are as follows : Interactive, Interpreted, Modular, OOP based, High Level, Dynamic, Portable.

The fact that you are reading this blog online, says that you are one among the 3.2 billion people on the planet with internet access, and chances are, machine learning (ML) plays a part in your daily life. An ML is a computer effectively performing a specific task without using explicit instructions, relying on patterns and inferences it made earlier. The commands you give your voice assistant, recognizing a face in your photos app, extracting a particular information from a huge chunk is all powered by Machine learning. The versatility and availability of lots of libraries makes python the most preferred for AI and ML implementations. Moreover, as discussed earlier, python is arguably the easiest language one can learn. All of these, adds up to a speedy development process. Since newer technologies powered by python are on a constant rise, top companies require python developers more than ever.

Why go to a classroom training when you can learn by yourself online?

The reason why classrooms still exist in 21st century is because of its superior effectiveness in learning and teaching as compared to any other mode of learning. An interactive classroom will always yield more benefits for the teacher and the student.

Who can learn python?

Anybody from absolute beginners to professionals with an interest to learn can easily grasp Python.

Where can I learn Python?

Learning python from an expert who has been in the sector for a long time developing applications of all kinds is the right channel of learning. At Ashwin Institute, Python is taught by Mr. Ashwin Kumar himself who is the head of Research & Development and RADEL Corp. The whole approach behind Ashwin Institute (Ai) ,unlike other training institutes, Ai restructures the syllabus for out of the box learning and industry ready coding skills.

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