Corporate Blockchain Training

Blockchain training sessions for professionals

Blockchain is the upcoming technology which is going to cause a disruptive change in the way we handle data and communications between multiple organizations and business relations. Corporate training delivered to understand the technology in depth. Security is the core aspect of Blockchain technology due to which many businesses across multiple domains are opting to move to the blockchain based applications.

Blockchain Corporate training benefits

Corporate training can address very specific needs for your company and you can opt to get the training to fulfill the project requirements for your employees to the satisfaction of your clients. You can tackle project related queries and start with the development activities since this will be hands on training and consultation for your company.

Our consultant Mr. Ashwin Kumar (Head of Research and Development,  RADEL Corp) is highly experienced in blockchain technology and has handled many blockchain related projects over the number of years. You can get all your questions related to blockchain answered and be equipped to handle any kind of blockchain projects.

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Meet our Blockchain Trainer

Head of Research and Development

RADEL Corp, Bangalore

Mr Ashwin Kumar has been working along with many profssionals and business across multiple domains and countries to help them understand and implement Blockchain solutions and applications for many projects till date. He is the lead consultant for our corporate trainings.

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Topics covered for the corporate training

The training course will be custom designed to suit your team and project requirements. You can discuss the topics with Mr Ashwin prior to the training to get a detailed outline of your course. This ensures that you get priority based topics for your easy understanding and rapid execution of the project. Below are some highlights of the topics that are covered for every training in addition to your particular requirements.

  • Strong understanding of Blockchain technology
  • Theory behind Blockchain.
  • Understanding how Blockchains are created.
  • Creating blocks and data structure of transactions.
  • Hashing methods and encryptions used in blockchain to secure transactions.
  • Address generation methods fortransactions and identity management.
  • Digital signature using private keys in blokchain.
  • Consensus mechanism and different types of consensus such as PoW, PoS, Delegated validations.
  • Permissioned, permissionless and private blockchains.
  • Cryptocurrency concepts, economy, controlled supply.
  • Smart contracts and developing applications based on frameworks.
  • Blockchain development.
  • Developing APIs for the blokchain and use-case.
  • Analyzing requirements for development of blockchain.
  • Understanding and developing blockchain applications on existing frameworks susch as Hyperledger, Ethereum etc.,
  • Designing your own blockchain solution.
  • Infrastructure requirements for running blockchain network.
  • Additional topics for developing blockchain applications as per the project.

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