Node.js can be defined as a dynamic, cross-platform and open-source JavaScript framework or runtime environment that is built on the Google Chrome JavaScript V8 engine. Node.js has been of great application in emerging technologies like blockchain simply due to its sheer speed and superior efficiency in real time web applications. Node.js is the way to go for developing scalable network applications since it is ideal for data intensive real time applications.

What you'll learn

  • Build, test, and launch Node apps
  • Store data with Mongoose and MongoDB
  • Create real-time web apps with SocketIO
  • Create Express web servers and APIs
  • Deploy your Node apps to production

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NodeJS Course Info

The complete course details for NodeJS classes given below.


1.1 Introduction
1.2 Installing Node
1.3 What is Node?
1.4 Why should you use Node?
1.5 Hello World!
Task : Create a Notes App.
2.1 Using Require
2.2 Requiring your own files
2.3 Using 3rd party modules
2.4 Restarting App with Nodemon
2.5 Simplifying input with yargs
2.7 Adding and saving notes
2.8 Reading a note and reusability
2.9 Deleting a note
2.10 Debugging Node.js Applications
2.11 Arrow functions
Task : Create a weather App
3.1 Async basics
3.2 Call stack & Event loop
3.3 Callback Functions & APIs
3.4 HTTPS request components
3.5 Encoding User input
3.6 Callback errors
3.7 Abstracting callbacks
3.8 Wiring up weather search
3.9 Chaining callbacks together
4.1 Creating a web server
4.2 Rendering templates with data
4.3 Advanced Templating
4.4 Express middleware
4.5 Adding version control (Git)
4.6 Setting up Github & SSH Keys
4.7 Deploying your apps
5.1 Mocha and basic testing
5.2 Watch and auto restart tests
5.3 Using assertion library
5.4 Testing asynchronous code
5.5 Testing express apllications
Task : Build TODO API
6.1 Installing MongoDB and Robomongo
6.2 Building NoSQL Vocabulary
6.3 Connecting to Mongo and writing data
6.4 The ObjectID
6.5 Fetching data
6.6 Deleting documents
6.7 Updating Data
6.8 The Mongoose ORM
6.9 Validators, Types and Defaults
6.10 Using Postman
6.11 Resource creation Endpoint -POST
6.12 List Resources -GET
6.13 Testing POST & GET
6.14 Mongoose queries and ID validation
6.15 Getting individual resource – GET/todos/:id
6.16 Deploy API to Heroku
6.17 Postman Environments
6.18 Deleting and Updating a resource using ID
6.19 Testing
7.1 Setting up the user model
7.2 JWTs and Hashing
7.3 Generating Auth tokens & Settig headers
7.4 Private routes & Auth Middleware
7.5 Hashing passwords
7.6 Seeding test Database with users
7.7 Testing login
7.8 Testing logout DELETE
7.9 Making TODO Routes
7.10 Improving app configuration
7.11 Deploying to Heroku
8.1 Creating a new Project
8.2 Adding socket.io to an App
8.3 Emitting and Listening to Events
8.4 Broadcasting Events
8.5 Event acknowedgements
8.6 Message form & JQuery
8.7 Geolocation
8.8 Timestamps and formatting with moment
8.9 Moustache.js
8.10 Autoscrolling & adding Join Page
8.11 Passing room data
8.12 socket.io rooms
8.13 Storing users with ES6 classes
8.14 Wiring up user list
8.15 Sending Messages to room only

Schedules for NodeJS Course.

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Pre-Requisites for the NodeJS Course

A basic understanding of JavaScript (variables, functions, objects, arrays, if statements).
Course is intended for beginners, Intermediate, and any professionals who are interested to learn.

Trainer Info

Darshan A
Node.js developer

Mr. Darshan is a Node.js developer. He has involved himself in various projects throughout his career. Passionate for blockchain technology, he has tinkered himself in various blockchain related applications and services. He has developed iDash - An Intelligent Dashboard, applying technologies like IoT and real time data applications over the cloud.

LinkedIn ProfileEmail ID
Ashwin Kumar C
Head of Research & Development

Mr. Ashwin Kumar C is our lead trainer. He is a web consultant at RADEL Corp., Bengaluru, and is actively involved in cryptocurrency exchange development, Monero API, wallets development. He is the Head of Research and Development at RADEL Corp for Cryptocurrency Exchanges for clients all over the world. He deals with clients in various areas of web technology. His passion is experimenting with research based projects and developing innovative solutions for major requirements in technical areas.

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