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Become an AWS Solutions Architect

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become one of the fastest required certification for IT professional working with AWS servers. With this course you’ll be able to apply for many IT jobs that require web servers. We’ll explore many interesting topics over the course duration. You can easily pass AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam with the course training.

Even if you have no experience in working with servers, you’ll still be able learn with our easily structured course material. No programming knowledge needed and no prior experience needed.

What you'll learn

  • Become an expert in AWS services.
  • Pass AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam
  • Design scalable and reliable websites on AWS servers
  • Become familiar with important concepts in server technologies on AWS.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions Architect Course Info

The complete course details for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions Architect classes given below.

AWS Course

Introduction & Overview 2018
Getting Started! – What will you need?
The Exam Blue Print
The History Of AWS So Far
AWS-10,000 Foot Overview
Sign Up TO AWS Free Tier
IAM 101
Create a Billing alarm – Lab
IAM Summary
IAM Quiz
EC2 101
Let’s Get Our Hands Dirty! Launch An EC2 Instance – Part 1
Let’s Get Our Hands Dirty! Launch An EC2 Instance – Part 2
How To Use Putty (Windows Users Only)
Security Groups Basics
Upgrading EBS Volume Types – Lab
Creating a Windows EC2 Instance & RAID Group
Create An AMI – Lab
AMI’s – EBS Root Volumes vs Instance Store
Load Balancing Theory
Load Balancers & Health Checks
Cloud Watch EC2
The AWS Command Line & EC2
Using IAM roles with EC2
S3 CLI & Regions
Using Bootstrap Scripts
EC2 Instance Metadata
Autoscaling 101 – Lab
EC2 Placement Groups – An Exam Must Know!
EFS – Concepts & Lab
Lambda – Concepts
Build A Serverless Webpage
EC2 Summary
DNS 101
Route 53 – Register A Domain Name – Lab
Different Routing Types On AWS
Simple Routing Policy – Lab
Weighted Routing Policy – Lab
Latency Routing Policy – Lab
Failover Routing Policy – Lab
Geolocation Routing Policy – Lab
Multivalue Routing
DNS Exam Tips
Create an S3 Bucket – Lab
Version Control-Lab
Cross Region Replication
Lifecycle Management & Glacier-Lab
CloudFront CDN Overview
Create a CloudFront CDN-Lab
53 – Security & Encryption
Storage Gateway
Snowball – Lab
S3 Transfer Acceleration
Create A Static Website Using $3
S3 Quiz
Databases 101
Launching an RDS Instance – Lab
RDS – Backups, Multi-AZ & Read Replicas
Databases Summary
Introduction & Overview
Build Your Own Custom VPC – Part 1
Build Your Own Custom VPC – Part 2
Network Address Translation (NAT)
Network Access Control Lists vs Security Groups
Custom VPC’s and ELBs
VPC Flow Logs
NATs vs Bastions
VPC End Points
VPC Clean Up
Elastic Transcoder
API Gateway
Kinesis 101
Kinesis – Lab
Application Services Summary
Application Services Quiz

Schedules for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions Architect Course.

Here are the schedules for AWS classes. You are free to choose any session which is convenient to you.

Pre-Requisites for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions Architect Course

Amazon Web Services (AWS) free-tier account.(Create online and free usage for 1-year)
A laptop with Windows / Mac / or  Linux Operating System
Coding skills not required.
Course is intended for beginners, Intermediate, and any professionals who are interested to learn.

Trainer Info

Ashwin Kumar C
Head of Research & Development

Mr. Ashwin Kumar C is our lead trainer. He is a web consultant at RADEL Corp., Bengaluru, and is actively involved in cryptocurrency exchange development, Monero API, wallets development. He is the Head of Research and Development at RADEL Corp for Cryptocurrency Exchanges for clients all over the world. He deals with clients in various areas of web technology. His passion is experimenting with research based projects and developing innovative solutions for major requirements in technical areas.

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Ashwin has a passion for teaching

Ashwin has a passion for teaching. He is very knowledgeable on quite a few technologies. I was a part of his AWS class and it was a good learning experience. Going by one topic at a time to understand the entire structure and functioning of AWS with hands-on training and simple examples from the daily life to familiarize concepts. He has been quite accommodating and approachable for clarification of doubts.

Kudos Ashwin!

Rohith V

Real Time Training on Linux, AWS, Phyton. Perfect Learning Experience in Ashwin Institute.

I completed my training in Ashwin Institute, Ashwin Institute has provided me better training in Linux, AWS, Python. The trainer Mr Ashwin is a real time industrial expert and the training given by him is really fabulous. Had a great time with Ashwin Institute thanks to you sir.


Perfect learning experience in Ashwin Institute

Thanks to the Ashwin Institute. Me and my friends are really thankful to you sir. Highly recommended for people who are looking for quality training on Linux, AWS, Python.


In-depth training in PHP, HTML…

Training at Ashwin Institute has provided me an in-depth knowledge about the PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript.
My sincere thanks to Ashwin Sir for supporting and motivating me??

Ralcy Dsouza

Ashwin is amazing in AWS CSA Associate course

Ashwin was my trainer for AWS CSA Associate course. His knowledge on the subject is incredible. His training methodologies, involvement, commitment and punctuality are something I would like to highlight here. He’s easily approachable and makes the classes highly enjoyable. It’s all hands-on. You learn by trying and right in front of him. He’s the go-to person and his institute the go-to institute for anyone that wants to pursue this red-hot domain for a rewarding career.


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