Hello World. From Artificial Intelligence, web frameworks, image processing, machine learning, automated driving to deep learning, python is omnipresent. Trust us, Python is not going anywhere soon. The demand for python developers is simply growing everyday. From the very basics to advanced, we got you covered here. Amid hundreds of Institutes who claim to excel at python, our mission is to stand out from the crowd and train the students for tomorrow’s industry.

What you'll learn

  • Complete understanding of the basics of Python coding.
  • Learn advance Python features and build amazing programs.
  • Learning usage of Object Oriented Progrmming with classes.
  • Learn how to create programs in Jupyter notebook.

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Python Course Info

The complete course details for Python classes given below.

1.1 Brief introduction to Python
1.2 Version discussion
2.1. The print statement
2.3. Python Data Structures & Data Types
2.4. String Operations in Python
2.5. Simple Input & Output
2.6. Simple Output Formatting
3.1. Indentation
3.2. The If statement and its’ related statement
3.3. An example with if and it’s related statement
3.4. The while loop
3.5. The for loop
3.6. The range statement
3.7. Break & Continue
3.8. Assert
3.9. Examples for looping

4.1. Create your own functions
4.2. Functions Parameters
4.3. Variable Arguments
4.4. Scope of a Function
4.5. Function Documentation/Docstrings
4.6. Lambda Functions & map
4.7. An Exercise with functions
4.8. Create a Module
4.9. Standard Modules
5.1. Errors
5.2. Exception Handling with try
5.3. Handling Multiple Exceptions
5.4. Writing your own Exceptions
6.1. File Handling Modes
6.2. Reading Files
6.3. Writing & Appending to Files
6.4. Handling File Exceptions
6.5. The with statement
7.1. New Style Classes
7.2. Creating Classes
7.3. Instance Methods
7.4. Inheritance
7.6. Exception Classes & Custom Exceptions
8.1 Simple Character Matches
8.2 Special Characters
8.3 Character Classes
8.4 Quantifiers
8.5 The Dot Character
8.6 Greedy Matches
8.7 Grouping
8.8 Matching at Beginning or End
8.9Match Objects
8.10 Substituting
8.11 Splitting a String
8.12 Compiling Regular Expressions
8.13 Flags
9.1 List Comprehensions
9.2 Nested List Comprehensions
9.3 Dictionary Comprehensions
9.4 Functions
9.5 Default Parameters
9.6 Variable Arguments
9.7 Specialized Sorts
9.8 Iterators
9.9 Generators
9.10 The Functions any and all
9.11 The with Statement
9.12 Data Compression
10.1 Introduction
10.2 Components and Events
10.3 An Example GUI
10.4 The root Component
10.5 Adding a Button
10.6 Entry Widgets
10.7 Text Widgets
10.8 Check buttons
10.9 Radio buttons
10.10 List boxes
10.11 Frames
10.12 Menus
10.13 Binding Events to Widgets
11.1 A Daytime Server
11.2 Clients and Servers
11.3 The Client Program
11.4 The Server Program
11.5 Recap
11.6 An Evaluation Client and Server
11.7 The Server Portion
11.8 A Threaded Server

12.1 Installation
12.2 DB Connection
12.3 Creating DB Table
12.5 COMMIT & ROLLBACK operation12.6 Handling Errors

Schedules for Python Course.

Here are the schedules for python classes. You are free to choose any session which is convenient to you.

Pre-Requisites for the Python Course

Coding skills not required.
Course is intended for beginners, Intermediate, and any professionals who are interested to learn.

Trainer Info

Ashwin Kumar C
Head of Research & Development

Mr. Ashwin Kumar C is our lead trainer. He is a web consultant at RADEL Corp., Bengaluru, and is actively involved in cryptocurrency exchange development, Monero API, wallets development. He is the Head of Research and Development at RADEL Corp for Cryptocurrency Exchanges for clients all over the world. He deals with clients in various areas of web technology. His passion is experimenting with research based projects and developing innovative solutions for major requirements in technical areas.

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Real Time Training on Linux, AWS, Phyton. Perfect Learning Experience in Ashwin Institute.

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